[Deal Alert] Pixelbook is $100 off ($899+) with free Google Home from B&H, Best Buy, and Google, $100 off with $50 credit from Amazon

If you read our review, you’ll know the Google Pixelbook is a fantastic Chromebook. Unfortunately, it also has a fantastically-high price, comparable to most Windows-powered ultrabooks. If you’ve been looking to buy one regardless, now is a good time.

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Tesla discourages commercial cars from using Superchargers

Tesla’s Supercharger network was originally designed to enable long-range trips and offer a viable charging option for people who can’t usually top up at home or the office. They’ve quickly become all-purpose stations, however, which can be a pain when it leads to overcrowding and abuse.

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Robert Mueller Got Trump Transition Emails Just By Asking the Federal Agency That Hosted Them

Special counsel Robert Mueller, the former FBI director currently overseeing a sweeping investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 elections and any possible ties to President Donald Trump and his associates, secretly obtained tens of thousands of emails from the administration’s

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